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Bob Blakley

Hey Lori!

Being a blogger IS being a writer; once the initial flush of narcissism fades there's got to be another and more enduring reason to keep writing.

I've always found it a lot of work; it takes me forever to write and edit a post, and posts always end up longer than I'd intended (longer too, I suspect, than most of the audience was really hoping for).

For all these reasons I started out with a low frequency of posts and I'm proud to say I've maintained that frequency.

I think of my blog as the polar opposite of twitter; I only post if I have something to say I know I'll want people to read in 200 years, and if I care enough about the subject to overcome my natural laziness and actually write something. The rationalization that I write for a small, weird audience most of whom aren't yet born relieves some of the guilt I'd otherwise feel about infrequent posting; the fantasy that my posts are timeless classics gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment on the infrequent occasions when I actually finish one and publish it.


Hi Bob,

It's been a while! I totally agree, blogs feel much more permanent, while tweets more temporaneous.

Would be great if you could make it up for vinocamp this summer. We're considering adding a second day for "cheesecamp" :)



... looking forward to your wedding post.
Love Mum

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